A Pupil Brutally  Murdered In Habaswein

A Pupil Brutally Murdered In Habaswein

A class eight pupil was today brutally murdered by a man in his 50s. The 13 year old girl was killed by a man with a machete on her way to school this morning. It was a scene of horror as the man severed her head and body with the machete. It was a traumatizing scene for many of the residents who witnessed the incident.

The man who is thought to be mentally unstable is said to have been lurking in corners of the town carrying a machete threatening people the last few weeks. Last week it was reported by some of the residents that he chased a young girl who escaped by a whisker. Residents say the man who is a recent immigrant to the town is a threat to the lives of their children as he carries a weapon,usually a machete, that he uses to threaten people.

It is not known why he killed the young girl and has been arrested by the police for further investigations.