My Favorite Teacher

My Favorite Teacher

By Ali Edin

What is it that makes a single teacher stand out among their peers? Why would students feel attached to a particular teacher? What is it that makes a teacher different and special? I ask for your indulgence to tell you about my favourite teacher to celebrate the Teachers Day.

My favorite teacher had so much passion in what she was teaching, and for her, it was not just about teaching but a wonderful secret she shared with us. She took us through a journey from her assignments and her lessons. All she wanted us to do is to enjoy and marvel at her splendid communication and beautifully spoken word. She would not scold, hit or shout at us for failing, but she would emphasis that do we right and strive to always improve. She owned the classroom, and we loved finishing our assignments not because she will scold us but because we loved to see her happy at all times. She didn’t enjoy lame excuses for not doing our work but if you lied then you had to make the lie look real. My favorite teacher impacted wisdom in us every time she walked into our classroom, and we would wait for her lesson with eager and vigour.

She was tangibly real and as much as she had her other whole life to run and manage, we knew our learning was as much her priority in her struggles. My favorite teacher has had her not-so-good days as is humanly normal but she did her best to shield that from us as she kept a permanent smile and poured love from her heart into the classes she took. It appeared she forgot all her worries the moment she set foot in the class and left with smiles and smiling pupils. She was like the mother some of us never had. Dont get me wrong. She did criticize our misdemeanors and failures but never in a demeaningly. She prioritized to mold us and put care into never breaking our hearts and love for our learning. She knew our potentials and proximity to the pitfalls in our small lives, our diversity and never demanded for perfection. She encouraged us to do our best both in actions and words.

While we called her our favorite teacher, in her eyes we were all her favourites. Like a mother to all her kids, she loved us all equally. It was always through her guidance that we learnt how to respect each other and how to treat each other with love and compassion. We were one strong family, and we took care of one another.
She once read my composition and wrote a comment: “You should never stop writing” and I am pretty sure she meant it and seen the potential in me to be a writer. We used to say she has a third eye because she knew who we were supposed to be when we grow up and she pushed us not to settle for something less than the best because she knew we were Only The Best.

My favorite teacher had so much enthusiasm, and she was always involved, she was demanding at times and fair as well, she was very interesting and also genuinely interested in us. She knew we were all unique and destined to make her proud. I still recall how much I wanted to excel in life and make her the World’s Proudest Teacher.
My favorite teacher was the one person that made me love the word school and she did her best until I forgot all the worries I had inside my head.

She was an inspiration for me to join the noble profession and I did my best hoping in trying to fit into her shoes even if it were for a day but a struggle it remains. I still recall the day we finally met after I was through with college and with a huge smile on her face, she whispered to my ears, words that I have kept with me all through my last few years in teaching. She said, “Teaching is a calling and most of us were chosen for this because we possess a super human heart and we can smile even when deep inside we are bleeding. My hope is that you never get tired of guiding and mentoring these young minds without remorse and regrets.” She was glamour of hope, the best teacher and above all a mother to many who sought guidance from her vast knowledge and immense cheery gestures.

The writer is a High School Chemistry Teacher and a blogger.