Isiolo Youth Leadership Forum Is  a PR Stunt

Isiolo Youth Leadership Forum Is a PR Stunt

By Kulayo Happi Kulayo

What’s Isiolo Youth Leadership Forum about? I came across an update on Facebook about a forum held at the heart of Isiolo Town by an out fit calling itself ‘Isiolo Youth Leaders’ and if you ask me that is just another misused name in the political sphere in Isiolo County. The recent happenings in this unique County surrounding the Youth Agenda leaves little to be admired and it seems everyone is working hard to be seen propagating a disunited and unhealthy Youth Affairs by all means possible.

Isiolo Youth is a collective term meaning each young person living in Isiolo County from Alango, Sericho, Makagala, Garba, Modogashe, Ngaremara and all other far flung areas of this vast County. To give a call to those living along the Tarmac and in Isiolo Town is to insult and demean other young people who have a right to be heard and listened to irrespective of who they are or where they are from. Devolution was meant to benefit those marginalized but as it stands no one wants to include those at the grassroots in drafting policies to benefit each and every single youth in Isiolo County.

And methinks, those masquerading as youth leaders are self-seekers who crave attention from politicians and other leaders. They are unfortunately not advancing the youth agenda.

There are just too many Youth Leaders in Isiolo County and none of them is there for the Youth. Every Tom and Harry is running up and down with placards of a plan to save the youths and no one even understands the plights of this now vulnerable group. I am worried that if not well managed this might be an ingredient for disaster and it might break down our unity.

Why should the youth in the villages be kept in the dark and only a few in urban centers be informed? Why were others not invited especially at an information age where genuine representatives of the youth could be reached very fast through social media? Why was this not planned enough? What is the rush? are there hidden agendas? What is the purpose of the youth always shouting over the rooftops about public participation and consultation by others when its  not been practiced by the so-called youth? Why would some masquerading as representative of the youth call for a meeting of the ‘youth’ in complete information blackout? There is just too many unanswered questions.

This disorganization and disunity amongst the youths will eventually place Isiolo Youths in a huge mess moving forward. There is need for unity and that can happen only when the Youth in the whole County are brought together. In as much as all the Youth will not be involved in the closed-door meetings of few people purporting to be Isiolo Youth it will just remain a PR stunt and a nonsensical ideology whose policies have no Agenda.

What’s your take. Youth out there?

Kulayo is a youth and a social activist in Isiolo

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