Hon. Adan Keynan calls for a handshake to settle court battle

Hon. Adan Keynan calls for a handshake to settle court battle


After yesterday’s court ruling that new evidence will be allowed and given the green light to the deputy governor’s  appeal, Hon. Adan Keynan, the Eldas member of parliament has called upon the leaders to  a handshake and end the court stalemate. The legislator asked the leaders to unite and settle the petition out of court for the progress of the people of Wajir. “It will be gentlemanly for our 3 brothers to each shelve their respective egos for the interest of the people and the County of Wajir, ” said the M.P.

The legislator urged the leaders contesting the Gubernatorial election to come together and settle the case out of court so that the County can start afresh. He said the court case is derailing service delivery and  the prosperity of Wajir County. The legislator has called on all the leaders in the County to come together and strike a deal in a bid to bring unity between those in the court battle. “The level at which our differences are growing as leaders of Wajir is so enormous that we are losing our mandate of service delivery,” said the M.P.

Out of court settlement to the current court case contesting the election of the incumbent has failed before. Some alleged that the legislator was part of the problem to reach a settlement as he was accused of muddying the water. Hon Keynan is said to be the other behind-the-scene power of the county government in what some political pundits call the triangle of influence.

The petitioners H.E. Ahmed Abdullahi and the third runner up Hon Ahmed Muhumed are unlikely to agree to out of court settlement at this late stage according to sources close to them.

Supporters of the petitioners we spoke to about the MP’s statement said the administration is a tragic failure and it should not use the court case as an excuse for its failure to deliver services. ” Employees are not paid their salaries and operations are at standstill. Businesses are closing and people are suffering” said one who identified himself as a youth leader.