KDF are terrorising innocent lives in Mandera

KDF are terrorising innocent lives in Mandera

By Hassan Abdi

It’s terribly frustrating to see government security agencies turning against the people they are mandated to protect. This is a cruel form of extra legal indictment. The Constitution of Kenya 2010 protects citizens from any form of torture or extra-judicial punishments. The mandate of the officers is to protect life and not to take life.

The lines being used by the forces is that they are fighting insecurity and flashing out Al-Shabaab but in reality they are busy destroying lives. In order to enhance security their needs to be cooperation, collaboration and inclusive planning approach with the community in the spirit of enhancing and promoting community policing. It must be based on strong bond between the duty bearers and the right holders with strong sense of commitment and mutual trust.

In that case, what can we then term the recent madness and torture by the security agencies in Elram, Elwak and Dabacity. What crime has this innocent people done to deserve such cruelty? What law are KDF using in burning homesteads and beating up individuals?

We are living in the 21st Century and employing inhumane actions and waging war to innocent lives is quite disparaging. To pretend to protect lives and destroy it is embarassing and the actions going on in Elwak should stop with immediate effect. The clip of the innocent mother whose goats were burnt is hurting to watch. People who are struggling do not deserve to be dragged further into the dungeons of poverty. Such actions will only force these people further into resistance and that will aggravate the situation further. There seems to be no difference between what Alshabaab is doing and what KDF are doing.

Goats burnt alive by KDF officers in Dabasit.

The people of Dabacity don’t deserve such inhumane treatment and neither is any citizen. This madness must stop and justice for the victims of extra judicial tortures and killings must be served hot. IPOA, KNCHR and other human activists must come out strongly against such treatments. People in Mandera have suffered a lot under the hands of militias, and they cant be able to survive again the cruelty of KDF and this needs to come to an end.

Mr. Hassan is a blogger and activist from Mandera County.