Prince William AND De-populating Africa

Prince William AND De-populating Africa

By Najar Munyiyi

Less than a year ago in November of 2017, Prince William stood on a podium in front of an International audience and spoke out against overpopulation in Africa at a wildlife conservation charity gala hosted by TUSK. The 35-year-old father of 3 — who at the time was expecting his third child with Kate Middleton, said that urbanization and infrastructure development could have a “terrible impact” on wild life unless “’we’ begin to plan and to take measures now. Africa’s rapidly growing human population is predicted to more than double by 2050 — a staggering increase of three and a half million people per month,” were his words to a stunned crowd at the gala in London.  “There is no question that this human increase puts wildlife and habitat under enormous pressure.”

The annoying fact is that Prince William’s statements echo those made by his grandfather Prince Philip, in 2016. “The human population of the world* (read *Africa) is growing and is occupying more space, and it has got to be accommodated *somehow* or *other*.”

Coming to the Northlands: This month, September 2018, less than a year after his dismissive remarks about an African population, Prince William conveyed to the world that he is coming to Africa and ‘home to Kenya’ which he ‘loves’. But the mood is uneasy, for he’s not wanted in the Northlands and on Twitter there is a new broody hashtag –  #StayAwayPrinceWilliam.

The indigenous communities are not as uninformed as the Prince would lead many to believe, and they’re not as uneducated as the Prince would tell the world. By focusing on Prince William’s ruthless and exaggerated numbers delivered on a platform of superiority, popular media have ignored the simple truths of a beautiful livelihood, of a very real people.

Pastoralists have a way of life that is as old as Africa that has worked for them, for we all hail from pastoralists, hunter gatherers and agriculturalists societies and ecosystems. Yet the Prince is unable to talk peace and growth, hiding the Royal Families desire to occupy our lands, and so he repeatedly preaches a message of hatred and foreign ‘birth control’ as if Kenyans are his subjects, a nation of fornicating over-breeding black people –  and because of these words, a dangerous domino effect has resulted with health polices hurriedly introduced through government.

Recently there has been an increase in the drive towards controlling Kenyan births, methods that are often forced on rural women by agencies like the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation. When this brought resistance due to the forced sterilizations and the harmful effects on young females, Bill Gates made an announcement that the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation would provide $168.7 million to PATH for a Malaria Vaccine Initiative to develop vaccines for malaria. “The world’s first malaria vaccine will be released in Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi in 2018…”

The control of births has shifted from wombs to our future – the babies, and today, hours after birth, the government ensures that infants are automatically injected and this often happens without the mothers knowledge or permission! What are these vaccines? What are the ingredients that we are not told? What are the side effects of these vaccines? The Catholic Church and the then Opposition leader raised a storm when they informed the nation that what is bandied around as a polio vaccine is indeed a birth control measure. The agencies responsible acknowledged this and withdraw attributing this callous ‘mistake’ as a manufacturing error. Is immunization a euphemism for something we do not understand?

Northern Rangelands Trust is a well-known name in Turkana. NRT (Craig) was kicked out of Turkana. They then went to Samburu, but Samburu’s have also risen up and said they are uncomfortable with the NRT method of conservancy which ignores the reality that pastoralists have co-existed with wildlife since time immemorial. In brief, the NRT model seeks to divide pastoralists from their wildlife, permanent water sources and grazing lands. The NRT method will turn the lands from free range into fenced ‘LOTS’, with high fences made of razor wire that cut off the graceful necks of giraffes. The NRT method pits son against father, for sons are trained as rangers by Whites and directed to shoot any black local close to “endangered” Wildlife. Whites are not shot. Still, the question begs – how is NRT connected to the Royal Family? Answer: It is their pet project (this shall be clarified in depth in a later article) via one Ian Craig who is a flunkey of the Royal Family. His is the face the world sees, and believes created Lewa Downs in Trust via TNC, funded by TUSK, which is a foundation that the Prince himself is Patron of.  Three months ago in a shocking Bill, Northern Rangelands Trust approached Parliament seeking to “join Isiolo and Marsabit into one ‘constituency’” for the purposes of NRT ‘administration’, as NRT has conservancies in both Marsabit and Isiolo.  The approval will mean a revisit of whites having control of vast tracks of land in a neo-colonization strategy that will cripple the pastoralists way of life and lock them out of their own lands.

Do we have a population problem in Kenya? NO. The rangelands are vast and immense – one can walkabout about for a couple of days without seeing another human being. Kenya has a population of 48.46 million 2016 in an area of 580,367 km².  Compare this to that which Prince William calls his home. According to the 2011 census the total population of the UK was 63,182,000 which makes it the 22nd most populated country in the world.

Its overall population density is 259 people per km2, with England itself having a significantly higher population density than Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Almost one-third of this population lives in England’s southeast, which is predominantly urban and suburban, with about 9 million in the capital city of London and home to Buckingham Palace. The population density of London which is just over 5,200 km2 is about 469 people km2.

Kenya’s density is approximately 36 people per square kilometer, yet in his speech about overpopulation the Prince paints a picture to a European and American public that we live in a crowded land with no space for our wild life. I urge you all to come and see for yourselves the beauty of this land that the British Royal Family stole hundreds of years ago, and through a corrupt government are slowly but surely decimating the indigenous cultures of the Northlands.

History: Prince William is reopening old sore wounds by his coming to stay among us, in lands that his great grandfather and grandmother stole from Kenyans by killing thousands of men women and children and displacing millions to clear the lands in one of our darkest historical periods. The Imperial Empire and the Colonialism that followed was an ugly period of slavery, beatings and whippings, forced evictions, and killing Kenyan men

and women for sport. It was not a pretty picture. Currently Kenya is going through a taxing political period where an extreme tax burden has been placed on the people – imposed by a ‘broke’ government that is persistently and bullishly borrowing billions of shillings.  Enter the boy Prince.

Important Clarifications.

By unilaterally announcing to a naive world that ‘he is coming home’ to save ‘Wild Life’- William is ignoring the very principles of diplomacy by dissing us as equals and not asking for permission to come and stay. No, he is arrogantly informing us that he is coming back akin to he being the Prince and we’re his subjects, to ‘take’ the little we have left, to do with as he wills – for it is “his” wild life. Understand then the hidden motives behind Prince William & African Parks, of whom his brother Prince Harry is President, and how the Royal Family, now through USAID and other international agencies like TNC, have compromised a Kenyan leadership including the Presidency in the form of Uhuru Kenyatta, to erode and eradicate the same indigenous way of life of the inhabitants of a former NFD, appropriate lands through trickery, forgery and Parliamentary Bills (which did not involve public participation as stated in the constitution) from the Pastoralist community.

Laikipia Lands no longer belongs to the Maasai people – they were displaced and 90% of the land is in possession of foreign owned conservancies managed “in trust” by NRT – these conservancies do not hold title deeds but their fire power (KDF) is strong, and they reap billions of shillings from land that they do not own. Where are the pastoralist Laikipians?

In conclusion. Prince William and all he stands for sent first his Defence Minister, and then Theresa May as ‘scouts’ to clear the way for his arrival in a land where he is not wanted.  The story presented by the Media is not the truth. His visit is a brutal reminder of the days when we were simply brutalized by an Imperial and Colonial Regime.

What has changed? Are we really Independent?


Bio: Najar lived away from Kenya for just over 20 years. On her return to Kenya, she was surprised by the loss of knowledge that Kenyans have about the richness of their inheritance, alarmed by the slow suffocating death of culture with the blind acceptance of foreign ways that  have been adopted by the ‘middle class’, and extremely saddened about the magnitude of the brutality and marginalization meted out in Kenya’s Northlands and to indigenous communities as a whole. She conceptualized and structured “The Big White Lie” in order to write and sound the Siren about the lies behind “neo-colonialization” and major land grabbing. Together with many other Errant Natives across Africa and Black America, she seeks to inspire all Africans on the need to formulate working strategies and solutions for Africa’s problems, and by building Africa using African indigenous methods in a 21st Century world.