“Death threats don’t scare me” says Hajji

“Death threats don’t scare me” says Hajji

The DPP Noordin Hajji has said that he is not scared of death as he continues with the fight against corruption and social injustices. The tough talking DPP has promised Kenyans the fight against corruption and cartels is unstoppable even if his life is on the line.

Speaking to a local Television Station on Sunday, the DPP said he has been receiving threats, but that will not deter his fight and not scared. “I want to assure Kenyans that cartels that have been stealing public funds will be dealt with and the lost funds recovered,” said the DPP.

The DPP insisted that people should not bring politics into the fight against graft. He maintained that if corruption is dealt with the Country  will find the funds to help in developing the Nation.

Noordin was asked why is Friday his preferred ‘arrest’ day. He said in the era of all equal in eyes of the law, it has always been the norm to conduct ”masaku” on a Thursday or Fridays but ”now that certain individuals were arrested why is it an issue?”. He said the common mwanainchi who is arrested on a Friday has to stay in a police cell until Monday, why would it be different for other individuals.

He was asked questions over former Garissa finance CEC who was shot few week ago and why he is alleged to have let the maslaxa system to resolve this? The DPP dismissed this out rightly and said if evidence is found eceryone involved in the shooting will be brought to book.