Najar N Munyinyi, a pan-African socio-political activist  lived outside Kenya for just over 20 years. On her return to Kenya, she was surprised by the loss of knowledge that Kenyans have about the richness of their heritage, alarmed by the slow suffocating death of culture with the blind acceptance of foreign ways that have been adopted by the ‘middle class’, and extremely saddened about the magnitude of the brutality and marginalization meted out in Kenya’s Northlands and to indigenous communities as a whole. She conceptualized and structured “The Big White Lie” in order to write and sound the Siren about the lies behind “neo-colonialization” and disguised major land grabbing. Together with many other Errant Natives across Africa and Black America, she seeks to inspire all Africans on the need to formulate working strategies and solutions for Africa’s problems, and by building  Africausing African indigenous methods in a 21st Century world.

Our readers are informed that every Monday you will find NAJAR’S NORTH here on these pages . Seat back and sip from this fountain of conceptualized knowledge and information on socio-political issues particularly focusing on the Northlands currently under siege.