LAPSSET Land Acquisition and Compensation Process Begins In Garissa

LAPSSET Land Acquisition and Compensation Process Begins In Garissa

Officials from the land Ministry and Lamu port South Sudan Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor have today paid a visit to the Deputy Governor of Garissa  Abdi Daqane to begin a process that is set to acquire half a million acres of land for the Lapsset project in the southern sub-counties of Garissa where the project is expected to pass through. Led by National Land Commission member Abdikadir Khalif, the officials said they have come to Garissa to inform and explain the Lapsset projects and its development goals for the people of the county and the processes of acquiring land required for the project. Mr Khalif said the Lapsset project that strethches from Lamu to Ethiopia and passes through the counties of Isiolo, Marsabit and Turkana is expected to acquire 85,000 hectares of land and the national government will compensate land owners whose pieces of land may be encroached by the project. The project incorporates a highway, a pipeline and light train that will ease traffic and workload on the Mombasa port as well as open markets said the Commissioner.

This comes after the Lapsset Corridor Development Authority (LCDA) signed a Memorandum of understanding in January of this year that provides a working framework for collaboration between the NLC and LCDA for acquisition of land for the development of the LAPSSET Corridor Infrastructure Projects, to ensure just compensation of the Project Affected Persons (PAPs) and prompt access of relevant sites by LCDA or Project Implementation agencies.

NLC is mandated to manage public land on behalf of the National and County governments, the commission also has a mandate on compulsory acquisition of Land under the part viii of the Land Act, 2012 and to ensure just compensation paid promptly in full to all persons whose interests in the land have been determined. LCDA is the body mandated with the policy, implementation, operational coordination and is the technical oversight organ for the LAPSSET Corridor Project; and is also tasked with establishing an integrated implementation plan and oversee the implementation of the LAPSSET Corridor Projects according to the Presidential Order Kenya Gazette Supplement No. 51, Legal Notice No. 58.

The Deputy Governor asked the various arms involved in the project that lessons learned from land acquisition for the Garissa Solar plant and Turkana-Tullow Oil field projects should be incorporated and people should be compensated commensurately and fully.

The lands CEC assured the residents that the county government is satisfied with the environmental impact assessment that was carried out and that the project will be of huge benefit to the development of Garissa County. He appealed to residents and owners whose plots may be acquired for the project to work collaboratively with officials involved and support the project.