A Yes For Presidential Memorandum On VAT

A Yes For Presidential Memorandum On VAT

A spirited campaign by most NFD Members of Parliament led by Hon Rehema Jaldesa of Isiolo and Hon Rashid Kassim of Wajir East has failed. Voting on the Presidential memorandum on the  VAT rise has been disrupted after a vote rigging allegation in Parliament. A rowdy session by many Nasa Members of parliament and some Jubilee MPs has led to the Speaker Justin Muturi to call for a repeat vote after it was reported that majority voted against the VAT rise.

Hon Rashid Kassim who spoke to the media said they will vehemently vote against the VAT rise and will not kowtow to pressure from party leaders, the Executive and the majority Leader.

Hon Rehema Jadesa of Isiolo accused unwarranted pressure from the majority Leader after disruption of electricity to pass a bill that has been rejected by 99% of legislators

‘’Mr speaker, the chair closed for division and 99% voted NO and the majority leader came pushing people and even following them to the toilet and the electricity was disrupted and the bill was announced as passed and therefore the bill has not passed and we reject it’’ said Hon Rehema.

All Members of parliament from NFD voted against the VAT rise except the Majority Leader, Hon Ali Wario, the Chair of Labour Committee and Hon Fatuma Gedi of Wajir County.

There were allegations that money has changed hands. It appeared that party leaders and parliamentary honchos forced a YES vote. We are yet to see the end of this.

In the end the speaker announced a YES vote and the Memorandum passes. This ushers in a period of raised taxes, reduction of close to 6 billion from the CDF kitty which was alleged is what most mps were fighting against and decrease of gambling tax from 35% to 15 %. There is expected reduced government spending on social progames that  may have far reaching implications on the daily living of the common man as fares rise and food items prices increase.