Voices of The North

Voices of The North

By Sahara Abdi

Life is an art. You choose if you want to paint it, write it or act it away. Having been raised by parents who so much believed in Education, a reading culture has been instilled in me from an early age.

Driven by my passion for knowledge and books, I embarked on a journey to start an initiative dedicated to plant a reading culture in children in my community. Its core objective is to put a book in every child’s hand.

This column here brings you my journey of empowering my community which is telling their stories under the title; Voices of the North.

One of my own solutions to life’s uncertainties has been to spend every moment telling a story, because we all are stories waiting to be told.

Our story has long been told by people from all around the world, but not so much on who we are as people is talked about. Our humanity, our way of living, our co-existence with different people, our resilience in the face of adversity, our hopes, our beauty and our kind spirits has always come second narration.

This is a journey of the lion learning to write his story, so the writer stops glorifying the hunter. This is a story of the NFD Communities, a people whose real identity less told. A story that echoes the hopeful amongst us, and one that gives hope and human face to the hopeless.

To travel around NFD to get these stories is a journey of reward for me, I seek your company the while.

It is a date, every Monday of the week.


Sahara Abdi is an activist, a writer, and Founder Director of Northern Voice Trust.