Two denied bail for the safety of Idris as other suspects remain at large

Two denied bail for the safety of Idris as other suspects remain at large

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations yesterday sought detention of two suspects charged with attempted murder of former Garissa Finance executive Idriss Mukhtar.

Mohamud Aden and Juliet Njoki were also charged with conspiracy to kill city lawyer Charles Kanjama.

The DCI said the two are likely to carry out their plan to fruition if released on bond and wanted them detained during trial.

In an affidavit filed in court, Sergeant Peter Kanagi said the lawyer’s life remains in danger until all the conspirators are arrested.

Aden and Njoki were accused of attempting to kill Mukhtar along Kandara Road in Kileleshwa, Nairobi, on August 19.

They also plotted to assassinate Kanjama between July 1 and September 27.

They denied the charges before chief magistrate Francis Andayi at the Milimani law courts.

Assistant DPP Solomon Njeru filed Kanagi’s affidavit and pleaded with Andayi to consider the seriousness of the charges against the two.

He said Aden and Njoki are also flight risks because they live near the porous Kenya-Somalia border.

accomplices at large

Njeru said Mukhtar is still fighting for his life at Nairobi Hospital — “not such a secure place” — and Kanjama fears for his life.

Kanagi said the accused persons’ accomplices are still at large and detectives are apprehensive that if released, they will interfere with investigations, impede the arrests of their accomplices and abscond the trial.

He said the plan to execute Mukhtar and Kanjama “was a well-designed web, making the matter very complicated” and investigations are underway to unravel the conspirators.

“From the investigations so far, the plot was also to assassinate an advocate of the High Court [Kanjama] and until the conspirators are arrested, the life of the advocate is still in danger, as the duo accused are intricately involved,” the affidavit says.

Kanagi said most witnesses are relatives and friends of the accused persons and the likelihood of interference with them is real.

He said investigations have established intense animosity between the victim and the accused persons’ families, and the entire Garissa community is “very charged” and there is a “very high likelihood” that if the accused are released, they will be in dire danger”.

Aden’s lawyer Githinji Mwangi opposed the application and said the two are not a couple.

Mwangi said Aden lives in Machakos with his family and said “there is no place known as porous border”

He said the DCI had earlier sought to detain the suspects for 15 days to complete investigations. The detention period elapses today.

Mwangi says if the DCI was unable to conclude investigations during those detention days granted earlier, then they will never be able to conclude the probe.

The two will remain in custody until Monday next week when the case will be mentioned to determine the bond terms after the prosecution tables a report on the two.