Brewing Political Dispute Between Shide and The New Somali State President

Brewing Political Dispute Between Shide and The New Somali State President

There is an ensuing dispute between the EPDLF party leader, Mr Ahmed Shide who is also the federal minister for communications and the new Somali State President Mr Mustafa Omar over the constitution of the new administration. The new President appointed 27 ministers that were rejected by Mr Ahmed Shide. The President is insisting that it is his prerogative as the president of the administration and Mr Shide as the party leader should give him the space to appoint and run his administration. There appears that Mr Omar who profess deep democratic ideals with which he wants to run his administration is at loggerheads with Mr Shide who has schooled in the closed selection system of the former administration.

The president and Mr Shide were summoned to Addi Ababa to resolve the dispute. Mr Shide appears to have had the upper hand as some of the president’s  initial appointees were rejected.

The full cabinet announced by the President:

1.Aadan Farah Ibrahim-Deputy president (Ciise)

2.Dr Abdikadir Iman- Agriculture and Livestock Development(FiqiCumar)

3.Dr Yusuf Mohamed -Health (Ciise)

4.Hassan Mohamed- Operations (

5.Mubarrak Sheikh Omar-Internal security(Cowlyahan)

6.Bashir Shaafi- Water Development (Amaadin)

7. Abdirahman Ahmed Hassan- Trade and Transport (Rer Warfa)

8. Abdiwali Jama Ibrahim- Justice (Gadabuursi)

9. Dr Abdifatah Sheikh Bihi- Municipalities Development(Gumcadle)

10. Hassan Adan- Public Service (Gure)

11. Eng. Mohamed Shaale Ishaq- Veterinary( Dagoodi)

12.Abdullahi Abdi Aden- Treasury (Cabdalle)

13. Bubashir Dubat- Planning and Economic Development(Abasguul)

14. Abdullahi Mohamed Muse-Education(majeerteen)

15. Eng.Saada Giire Haret- Roads and Rural development (Ciise)

16. Mohamed  Faatah- Disaster Prevention and Management (Bahgeri)

17. Zaynab Xaji Aden- Women and Children(Jaarso)

18.  Guled Aw Ali- Communication (yabare)

19. Ahmed Gedi- Labour and Public Service (Gurgure)

20. Abdirahman Ciid Dahir- Higher Education (Ishaq)

21. Ahmed Deeq Mohamed-  Lake regions (Geri)

22. Ahmed Naagi- Science and technology( Hawiye)

23. Habiib Haji-Diaspora and Resettlement (Malinguur)

24. Ilyas Abiib-Culture and Tourism(Gabooye)

25. Mohamed Hassan- Natural Resource and Environment

26. Hassan Farah Ali-Sports and Youth

27. Hassan Dhaadi- State minister (Bartire)

Ismail Cirguje- Auditor-General

In the meantime there is fear in Jigjiga as an unofficial curfew and killings is reported in the city. Reports claim that more than 6 people were murdered in the city the last few days when district 2 and 6 which are not under curfew were exclusively created for all non-Somalis living in Jigjiga.