Abdi Omar Tortured Reports Indicate

Abdi Omar Tortured Reports Indicate

Abdiqafar Bedel

Reports reaching our desk from Ethiopia state that the former President of Somali state Abdi Mohamud Omar arrested 3 weeks ago by the new Ethiopian regime has been tortured in jail. His lawyer has claimed that his client was tortured, refused food and family and visitors were denied to see him. The lawyer claims that the former strongman of the Somali State Region exhibited grave bodily harm and ill health.

The charge sheet of Abdi Illey reads that the president and his former ministers were arrested on charges of killing 4 Oromia residents of Jigjiga and the burning of a church in the city during the fracas that erupted when the Federal military of Ethiopia took over the administration of Mr Abdi Mohamud which was termed as a breach of constitutional order.

Human Rights activists including HRW termed the selective arrest of the former President of the Somali State as discriminatory and not in line with the international laws of justice. Incomplete injustice is not justice says the Human Rights activists. Those who committed atrocities are all scot-free except Abdi Mohamud said the activists. The current Prime Minister of Ethiopia Dr Abiy Ahmed was the deputy head of the country’s Intelligence agency. His boss, Mr Gestacho Asefa is on the run although some reports indicate his escape was facilitated by the government of Abiy Ahmed. The president of the Tigre region Mr Woldu Abay is not only free but was appointed as an ambassador. The former dictator Mengistu Hailemariam has been asked to come back to Ethiopia. Mengistu was the Prime Minister of the Derg that murdered and maimed millions of Ethiopians. Dr Abiy Ahmed has reportedly asked dictator Mengistu to be accorded red carpet reception by his government.

The activists called for the arrest of all those responsible for the torture, murder and disappearance of the people of Ethiopia over the decades instead of the cosmetic revenge arrest of the former butcher of Jigjiga. They stated that injustice cannot be resolved with injustice.

Some residents of Jigjiga who spoke to us said ‘’Justice is not by might but by right’’. Mr Hassan Shukri who was on the phone said ‘’it is not justice for only the weak to be arraigned in court. Dr Abiy himself must resign and face justice for his role in the previous administrations’’.

Those arrested with the Former president and charged with incitement, chaos in Jigjiga and the burning of a church include

Rahma Heybe, a Minister  Women and Children

Abdijamal Kolombi Justice Minister

Omar Abdi Regional Head of the DDSI party

Ibrahim Mahdi  Education Minnister

Mr Abdirizak Sahane, a former mayor of Jigjiga and Diaspora Minister

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the former head of the Liyuu police Mr Laba Go’le mutinied with over 2500 special forces and threatens to wage war. Few days ago there were protests in Jigjiga demanding for the release of the former President.