A fatal shooting, an Envelope and the Arrest of a Governor

A fatal shooting, an Envelope and the Arrest of a Governor

By Guled Haji

As the mystery of the shooting of a former finance CEC in the previous Garissa County administration deepens, the arrest of governor Ali Korane linking him to the shooting has shocked a county. According to media reports,  3 of the arrested suspects linked the governor and some of his close allies to the shooting. While the county and the country were mourning the grisly attack and the subsequent hospitalization of the former county finance supremo, it was unbelievable to many residents that governor Korane was arrested in a morning raid in his Kilimani home as a suspect. The plot thickens further as Mr Idris is said to have recorded a statement with the police and an envelope with names passed. Whose names are in this envelope? Reminiscent of Dr Waki’s 2008 brown envelope, the mystery remains as to the names in this envelope. Among those who recorded statement are a driver of the governor, the alleged gun man and the governor himself.

Mr Idris who is still in ICU in a Nairobi hospital is said to have recorded a statement with the police complaining of people he said were after his life. He is said to have written to the Junta too, a group of wazees and professionals who picked H.E. Korane to contest for the position in 2017 and placed a copy with the police it is alleged. A source has also brought to our attention that Idris had in his possession details of alleged illegal transactions and what he termed as ”massive embezzlement”  of county funds which he intended to use in court and that may have implicated the administration. According to this information, the county lost 147 Million to what Idris called illegal tenders. A company adversely mentioned is Maalim Building and construction company that pocketed 70M. List of tenders allegedly awarded to Maalim Company is shown below:We could not verify the owners of this company. There are however, two famous Maalims in the county of Garissa. One is the long serving minister in Moi’s government Hon Hussein Maalim, the brother to the former CGS Mr Mohamud Maalim. The other Maalim in the county is the former deputy speaker of the national assembly  Hon Farah Maalim and a 2017 contestant for the Garissa Township constituency currently held by the current Majority Leader Hon Aden Duale. None of the Maalims are however known to be tenderprenuers. Idris is married to the grand daughter of Hon Hussein Maalim a close ally and mentor of the current governor. The governor was married to Idris wife’s maternal aunt, a first cousin of her mother and daughter of the CGS, brother to former cabinet minister Hon Hussein Maalim.

Mr Idris was sacked by the former Governor H.E. Nathif Jama as the finance CEC over alleged misappropriation of funds. Mr Idris sued the government of Nathif and won a court case where he was awarded 50 Million shillings compensation.

Academic Certificates

The last few months there was an ongoing push and pull over H.E. Korane’s academic qualifications. It was alleged in some sections of the media that Mr Idris was planning to file a case against the governor’s qualifications having written to various organizations for information regarding the governor’s academic papers. Mr Idris and a close ally known as Mr Habat, who is said to have been expecting the County Secretary’s post which fell through are said to be irked by an MOU that was not honoured by the administration. At the time of his shooting, Mr Idris was said to be in the process of suing the governor over his qualifications. H.E Korane is reported to have no bachelor degree which is a constitutional requirement of a governor. The Kilimani DCIO Mrs Fatuma Hadi on Tuesday asked the governor to present his original academic qualifications. The papers have not been delivered.

It is alleged that a lone gun man who was captured by the CCTV cameras of the mosque where Mr Idris was shot received 1.8 Million shillings. From Who? For What? It is a lead the police are pursuing.

When Governor Korane was arrested yesterday a section of Garissa Mcas came out in defense of their governor. They alleged political witch hunt. By Who? They mentioned senior politicians from the county without naming names. Does this mean there is a political angle to the shooting? Could this help with investigations? Only time will tell.

Yesterday at the DCI headquarters many familiar faces and prominent politicians were seen at the gate mingling with supporters but none spoke to the cameras for or against the arrest of the governor. Cautious? Of what? Of course this is a very sensitive case but why has no one senior politician come out in defense of the governor?

It can’t get more awkward as the indefatigable and no nonsense DPP who ordered the investigation of the shooting of Mr Idris and the subsequent arrest of the governor is none other than the son of the county senator a very close ally of governor Korane. Is this a new era of no-sacred-cows Kenya? I met the senator yesterday and could not read anything into his facial expression as the unfortunately unfolding drama of the arrest of his governor and the link of a young man unconscious in a hospital ICU ensued. A respectable grand old man caught between a rock and a hard place perhaps.

I ever met Governor Korane once and he appeared a calm, calculated and brilliant quite man to me. Since the beginning of his new administration, I was closely following his government policies. They impressed as much as I have not witnessed any implementations of the grand policies he announced. He looked to me as a man of appealing character with a determination to deliver his programs this however is not the feelings and the sayings of many of his electorate. Many tell me he is a one termer! Only time will tell whether any of his big policies will be implemented but could this be what the MCAs were alluding to when they alleged a witch-hunt against their boss? Who could be fighting the alleged development? Could his political nemesis be involved in his predicament?

There was the involvement of the Maslaxa committee at some point to resolve outstanding issues between Idris and the governor. There were issues of an MOU and campaign money. The Governor is alleged to have denied any MOU between him and Mr Idris and could not refund money he did not owe. Idris was not convinced and went for another round of negotiations where the outstanding issues were amicably resolved a source says. Few days later he was fatally shot. Circumstantial, coincidental or ordinary criminal act only time will tell as we wait for the prosecution in case any one is arraigned in court.

As the mystery deepens and Garissa mourns Idris who is fighting for his life and the shocking arrest of its governor leaders urged for calm.