Who is the new Western Somalia President?

Who is the new Western Somalia President?

By Abdiqafar Bedel,

Mustafa Muhumed Omer, 45, has been nominated as acting president of the Somali region until the next party congress in 2020, it was announced. The Ethiopian-Somali People’s Democratic Party (ESPDP)’s executive committee has elected him to be acting president in its meeting held today.

Holder of a Masters of Science degree in Agricultural Economics and an expert on food security and resource mobilization, President Mustafa remains employed as an advisor to the United Nations’ Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia. Married and father of three young children, he is better known for his vibrant social media presence, his articles and posts criticizing totalitarianism in the region and beyond. The Degahbour born President Mustafa’s refusal to refrain from slamming the regional government’s lack of accountability, track record of human rights violations and mass corruption came at a very steep personal price. In October of 2016, Mustafa’s father and brother were kidnapped by elements of the former president Abdi Mohamud’s regime. His father was badly beaten, while his brother Faysal was shot dead and thrown from a speeding car. Mustafa served as a humanitarian liaison officer for the United Nations in Mogadishu, Zimbabwe, the United Arab Emirates and Kenya. Prior to that, he held different positions in the Somali region until he fleed threats from the former regime.

Mustafa has a B.A in Economics from Addis Ababa University and a master’s degree in Agriculture Economics from Imperial College, London.

Mustafa, a human rights activists who has been active on the social media scene advocating for good governance and justice is a believer of Greater Somalia. He posted the statement below few hours before his election.

 “The days of intimidating, harassing and blackmailing Somalis to force them to abandon their cultural heritage and identity by deploying terms like “Greater Somalia” and “Somali irredentism” are over!

Colonialism has always found ways of inventing language and terminologies to turn its victims into aggressors!

“Greater Somalia” and “Somali irredentism” were terms invented to delegitimize the struggle of the oppressed Somali people.

They can no longer be used to force us to run away from our Somali roots.

Our historical, cultural, social, economic and political ties to the Somali race across the Horn of Africa region is a fait accompli. No one can change it or wish it away!

We will therefore embrace symbols of Somalinimo no matter what angry oppressors say.

The bones of our best and bravest men and women are scattered from Aysha’a to Dollow. They fought to preserve Somali identity and freedom. We will not betray them. We will honour their sacrifices by ensuring we remain who they wanted us to remain.

There is no contradiction between our Somali NATIONALITY and Ethiopian CITIZENSHIP!”

He will lead the transition and stay in office for 2 years before elections are held.