Wajir County Government is a “Dead Elephant” That is derailing My service Delivery, Says Wajir South Member of Parliament

Wajir County Government is a “Dead Elephant” That is derailing My service Delivery, Says Wajir South Member of Parliament

By Ali Aden,

The Wajir South Member of Parliament Dr Mohamud Omaar held a meeting with worshippers in Garissa town of Garissa county a day after he celebrated Eidul Adha in the Garissa where he termed The Wajir government is a dead elephant that impacted on his service delivery. Garissa County residents celebrated their Eidul Adha on Tuesday with millions of other Muslims across the country. The Eid Prayer which was held at General Mohamud Eid Grounds was attended by thousands of worshippers including the area MP Majority Leader Aden Duale.

The MP called a meeting in Garissa town where he explained what many said was his absence and poor service delivery record. Constituents of Wajir South who were complaining for months about what they termed as his ‘’inaccessibility’’. They accused the MP of abandonment and invisibility saying he outsourced his responsibilities to his staff in the constituency.

The MP said that due to the protracted electioneering period both nationally and locally, he could not come back to them and serve them better. He said services were hindered by the protracted court cases not only against the national government but also the county government which he termed as a ‘’dead elephant’’.

We managed to speak to some of his constituents from Habaswein, Abakorey and Biyamadow of Wajir Constituency who expressed disappointment in what they called poor service delivery by the Member of Parliament. They said they are being served better by the MCAs and the woman rep. They claimed that those serving them better and are more accessible are serving in the same government the MP is complaining about. A man who only identified himself as Abdi from Abakorey said ‘’ our expectations of the MP has been dashed. We expected much better than he is currently doing and his claims of national and county government functions delay does not register in me’’ Mr Abdi continued that the Hon Member appears to be in hiding as he ‘’ could not even celebrate the Iddul-Adha celebrations in his own constituency instead opting to pray in Garissa’’. A quick spot check by NFD Dispatch shows that almost all MPs from Northern Kenya prayed the important day in their constituencies. However, in the meeting the MP said he opted to celebrate the Eid with his parents who reside in Garissa town. We could not reach the MP on his phone as it was switched off and he did not respond to our text messages.