Keep the Hijab it is the Epitome of Modesty

Keep the Hijab it is the Epitome of Modesty

By Sharifa Hassan

”The assumption that women in Hijab are less enlightened or empowered than those rocking daisy dukes is arrogant at best. Feminism should fight for all women to have the right to live as they choose, not for all women to live the same exact sort of Sims game.” Luvvie Ajayi. The debate on women and precisely Muslim women has refused to go off as the whole world seems focused in portraying us in a very bad light. The recent negative sentiments by a controversial blogger by the name Cyprian Nyakundi has done more harm than good and the negative publicity should not be entertained by the larger informed and educated masses. The rhetoric seems to want people to believe that Muslim women have been suppressed by their religion and their rights taken away from them. The narrative has got to change but how can that happen?  Muslim women themselves must decide to speak out the truth because eventually we are the subject of discussion here.

Today I wish to open my heart to the whole truth and let people know how we feel about the allegations and maybe then you guys can be the judge.

Let me first say that am proud to be a Muslimah and I feel privileged that Allah chose me to be in this amazing Ummah. The truth is my religion forms the integral part of my life and it influences everything I say, do or even wear and for that I feel contented. There is no single language in the whole World that can be used to convey the status of women in Islam and for how Islam has elevated the status of women. The notion that men have deprived us of our rights is nonsensical and people need to know that Islam on a number of occasions has elevated us to levels that men envy. We do not live to please people and the truth is that we fully live to appease our creator. In the early years of Islam Khadija (R.A) who was Prophet Muhammad’s (s.a.w) first wife was among the first converts who supported the mission of Islam with her wealth and stood by her husband all through. The history of Islam has thousands of such women. Kindly read about it and enlighten yourselves.

Islam and Women

Do queens get to be seen by everyone, do they go shaking everyone’s hand, do they sleep with just anyone, and do they dress in any kind of clothes? I wish to let you know this is the status of women in Islam is way above that of manufactured worldly queens. The Western world has taken women as sexual objects and downgraded them to species that is used to idolize sexuality. A man is seen as being more sophisticated when he is in a suit and a tie but a woman becoming naked is seen as advancement. The glorification of appearance has seen many women being forced to sink into depression due the lack of money for makeup, beauty pills to lighten their skin, to even beauty creams used to broaden the hips all in the name of impressing men. A woman has become a slave to lust of men and all she does is to appear sexier so that she gets more likes and followers. A woman is now not judged by what’s between her ears but the focus of what is below the belt. An object only for the pleasure of men and for pounds of businesses. The young girls are slowly losing role models as the media keeps showing women in bikinis as being more smart and upright and in the long run we end up with an immoral society.

The Hijab is the epitome of modesty and status, a crown given unto us and rather than it being just a piece of cloth the Hijab remains our complete way of life. The way we live and carry ourselves forms an integral part of our Hijab. As a Muslim woman we demand not to be judged by a piece of clothe but rather on values, virtues, and intellect. We have made so much progress in all spheres of life without Hijab placing any limit on us and actually the Hijab has made people respect us in ways no one can ever imagine. The Hijab is a crown that we are all proud to wear wherever we go. Islam making Hijab compulsory had the aim of protecting our modesty and dignity and what a noble idea that has only raised our stock. You more often can judge the importance and import of something by the number of enemies it rattles. The Hijab has proved to rattle more than any piece of cloth has ever in the history of civilization

While I do not want to dwell on the status of women in Islam today it is worth noting that Paradise, the most sort after of the hereafter of every human being except a tiny minority is placed under their feet. It is by pleasing and by the blessing of your mother that you attain paradise. This is how important a woman is in Islam and thus they were asked to hide their gold from the prying eyes of ignoble men when the hijab was prescribed by the All Mighty. Just like Gold and Diamond which are treasured and kept safe we are the jewel of our times and Islam has placed upon us more value and no other religion even comes second to this fete.


The issue of us feeling inferior is hogwash and why should we feel inferior when Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) mentioned mother three times before the father. The Prophet even on his death bed advised the companions to treat their women well. The truth is in 1000 times I’d be overly proud to be born a woman over and over again so I can receive the highest honor in Islam. If the religion or our women deprived us of our rights then we would all be in social media making complaints and giving our sentiments. Islam came to lift us high and the status we currently enjoy can only be an envy of thousands of women out there.

Ms Sharifa is a student of Pyschology